Golf Swing Elements

golf swings
golf swings



Benedito Carraro is a well-established senior executive in the Brazilian energy market who currently leads initiatives for the WGC Networks Engenharia. He also works closely with Duvekot Corporation, and Participa, Inc. Outside of the professional environment, Benedito Carraro is a dedicated golfer who has amassed a significant knowledge of the sport.

Golfers who are new to the game must realize that all golf swings, from drives to putts, consist of a range of small and subtle body movements. The challenge of golf is to coordinate all of these movements into a single smooth swing. A Golf Link contributor has divided these movements into five basic areas – foot action, leg and knee action, hip and shoulder action, hand and wrist action, and arm action.

Another important aspect of a great golf swing is addressing the ball properly. Successful golfers will begin by squaring the clubface with the ball. Making sure to keep the head down, golfers must maintain this steady address as they rotate their bodies through the swing, using all of the areas of action listed above.